Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quail Day 7

Well the eggs have been in the bator for 7 days now. I candled* the eggs. I know for sure 3 are infertile** and 1 died in the shell. I can tell it died because there is a distinct blood ring^. With 32 eggs still in the bator and many definitely growing and strong, I foresee a great hatch day in our future.

Not gonna count my quail before they hatch,

*Candling eggs is where you shine a light on the egg to see the development inside. Very easy on white eggs, almost impossible on spotted quail eggs I've found.

**If there is no development of blood vessels I can see that the eggs are not developing embryos. When broken out I can see there is no development and it is defined as infertile, even if it developed up until the blood vessel stage.

^Blood rings form around the outermost part of the shell when the embryo dies. This is common and has many reasons. There could have been a lethal gene not allowing the quail to continue to develop, it could be bacterial or viral. It is hard to say without further testing, that I don't do. I do make sure to clean the bator as best as I can before the next hatch reducing micro causes.

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