Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What is my risk of Salmonella from my breakfast?

I know the media has to make money with the news but they really know how to scare people don't they?!

EGGS ARE SAFE. In general anyway. As long as you cook your eggs entirely and wash your hands after handling raw eggs, the risk is minimal. Salmonella like most bacteria is killed when heated with cooking or with a microwave, it also can be washed off of your hands easily with soap and water if you wash your hands vigorously and for at least 20 seconds. Oh, and wash your reusable shopping bags at least once a month. 97% of people say they rarely or have never washed their reusable bags. You might want to get on that, I know I should get better about it. And as always, try to purchase eggs from hens that are from small farm producers that utilize fresh air and green space for their chickens. Cooped up chickens get sick easier and that can incubate increased bacteria loads in eggs.

The best way to ensure the best eggs is to collect eggs daily from your own healthy chickens from your own coop, but if that isn’t an option, you know where to find me :)

Better go grab some eggs from the nest for breakfast,


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coming Soon!!! Our very own logo!

I’m so excited, we’re finally getting an official logo. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. I will be working with Blogspot to make the logo our title on the blog as soon as it is ready. Next stop www.mylittlesistersfarm.com. That will be a lot more work but sooooo worth it.

Gotta run, eggs don’t box themselves,


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Turkey Day Rocked!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out for our second turkey day. We had a lot of fun showing you the turkeys and sharing with your family what our farm is doing for you and for the birds. We enjoyed answering your questions and appreciated your feedback regarding this process.

We had several children come out and they were really excited to meet their meat. It seems that children introduced to the concept at a young age embrace it openly. One 4 year old even picked out “his turkey” from the bunch. There were many smiles and giggles from the children and I think sighs of relief from their parents that their children were excited not scared for eating an animal they had seen.

So what were the grown up people saying? Well, there were less giggles, more questions and some funny comments:

‘They certainly aren’t cute, but they have some very pretty feathers.’

‘The whole point was for us to understand where our food was coming from. Now we know for a fact.’

‘Wow that’s a big turkey, a yummy, yummy big turkey.’

‘Can you start feeding them some thyme and sage now?’

Oh, what fun people make up our community.

Thank you so much for attending and remember there is one more Turkey Day before the final pick up dates. Everyone is welcome to the final turkey day so “like” us on Facebook or join our mailing list for updates relating to the that and many other farm goings on.

Gotta go soak in the beauty of this September day,