Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Quail Are HERE!!!

So far there are 15 hatched and another 5 pipped. I can't believe it. I was all prepared to have to tell you something went wrong. I didn't want to "count my chicks before they hatched." But 15 is a great number from the eggs seeing that we were warned the fertility would be pretty low because of the age of their parents. The really cool thing is that this is 1 day's eggs, so each of these chicks has a different mother and father than any other in there. They may be closely related but not exact siblings, so the problems you get from inbreeding won't effect these little guys or their offspring.

Now the count down is to egg laing. 6-8 weeks from now we should be posting we are getting quail eggs. And I thought it was hard to wait 16-18 days for them to hatch!

In these pictures are the chicks in the incubator. They are kind of dumb, they kept putting their heads into the wire and getting stuck. They say quail and sheep are born looking for a weigh to die. It's a good thing their so stinking cute!

Here they are in their brooder tub, sitting on the feed. CUTE!!!

The next post will include a video of one hatching :)

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Gotta go enjoy the pees,


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