Saturday, February 20, 2010

Best Little Farmer’s Market

The Forest Grove Farmer’s Market is the best little market I've ever been to. Hosted by Adelante Mujeres, it has been running for going on 4 years. This will be our 3rd year selling eggs at the market. It will be our first year selling turkeys (not at the market but to people at the market) and produce. We sell the quail eggs in counts of 10 eggs. We also sell duck eggs in season, they will be very large as our girls are several years old and still laying their little hearts out. We sell them as XL and jumbo duck eggs. The chicken eggs are broken down by size too. We get a lot of XL and Jumbo eggs that just can’t fit in regular cartons.

We set up right next to my in-law’s buffalo booth. You can try the jerky, pepperoni and summer sausages they make as well as pick up fresh and frozen USDA cuts of bison meat. My father-in-law has such a wealth of knowledge regarding bison he can probably answer any questions about the animal or the meat. We’ve raised all of the bison on our ranch in Forest Grove and in Eastern Oregon. Visit their website at

If you’re in the area we have everything there! From 4pm to 8pm Wednesdays on Main Street. I love the pulled pork and brisket burritos from Cousin Kenny’s for dinner and of course shopping for the week’s groceries.

I won’t assume that you’d get all of your produce from us at My Little Sister’s Farm’s booth, but hopefully you’ll stop by and get some eggs, or at least say hi!

Filling the 'bator with eggs today,


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