Sunday, February 28, 2010

We Collect Used Egg Cartons!

I want to thank everyone who saves us their used egg cartons. I know not everyone purchases eggs from our farm or all year round. I really appreciate that you are still saving them for us. We are able to sell eggs “on farm” in used egg cartons, but not at the Farmer’s Market. We do not use them when selling from the L-Bar-T Bison Gift Shop either.

Please feel free to bring them to church, or drop them by the gift shop or our booth at the Farmer’s Market. It is a great way to do more than just recycle them. They just keep cycling over and over and over and over and over…until they get dirty, wet, stained, etc… Please bring us your Styrofoam cartons too. These are not recyclable with curbside pickup. We make a point of reusing them with fellow church members because if they don’t get back to me to use again, they will be dropped off at church at the beginning of the month to be recycled by our BEST (Be Earth Stewards Today) team.

Something we do with a few every year is make fire starters. For fire starters we use pine shavings and used candle wax. Melt your wax with a double boiler method (pot with wax in pot with water) and mix with pine shavings. Pack into the egg carton holes and allow to cool.

We also will use them for plant starts. Instead of buying plastic plug trays we use the cardboard fiber cartons. They are recycled so the fibers are pretty small and will break down in the soil when planted directly in the carton. Perfect for starting tomatoes inside and then putting into 4 inch pots in a greenhouse or just their first stint outside before going in the ground.

Once again, thank you. Feel free to use either of our ideas for uses with your cartons. I personally appreciate any effort to be a bit greener in day to day life.

Gotta run. The chickens, they are a cluckin’


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  1. I know, its so nice when you have ppl that save cartons for ya'. Great idea about the fire starters..I will have to try that sometime..; )