Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Name

People always say they like our farm’s name. My hope is that you feel welcome in our community, even if just passing through, and that we make you feel like you have a home here in Forest Grove. Our name is fun because I sometimes wonder if people ask, “Where did you get these green eggs?” Then I wonder if the response is, “my little sister’s farm.” Not as if it were the name of our farm, but that our customers felt they were a part of something. I want you to feel you are a part of our farm, because you are. If it weren’t for our customers we wouldn’t get to enjoy the gift of life every time we open up the incubator, we wouldn’t have so many chickens (who needs that many eggs for themselves?), and we certainly wouldn’t be taking on a really awesome project of raising 40-60 turkeys this summer! I am also the little sister in my family. I am the younger of the 2 sisters and although I have a younger brother, I am the shortest in my family.

Through this blog I hope to communicate with our customers and other what is going on down on the farm. I will share with you our new hatches of chicks, projects we’re working on, where we are selling, and so much more.

Stay tune for more details regarding our farm, facilities, and most importantly our animals!

Your little sis,


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