Friday, May 7, 2010

Reason #5

We don’t sex our chicks and cull the males day 1! This is the practice of any hatchery in the world. They squeeze every chick to determine if it is a girl or a boy. Hatching is a stressful activity on its own without also popping out their little behind. If you buy a pullet from the feed store or a hatchery, there was a brother that was euthanized the day he was born. We raise every chick and when they are about 2.5lbs we decide which cockerels will be culled. These will be humanely processed and will be eaten like you would a Cornish game hen. Maybe they don’t get a full life like our hens, but they are grown with a purpose, not just dumped in a dumpster or made into pet food. Eww!

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