Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Favorite Gardening Tool: The Earthway Seeder

Maybe you can tell this already but, I’m not a born and raised farmer. I had farm animals in the city and a garden in the back yard, but nothing compared to what my husband grew up with. No, no, nothing like what I have now. Now that we are settled into our home and feel we don’t have enough to do (so not true the house is a fixer-upper by every definition and there is of course never any time for anything, but I digress) we’ve decided to plant a garden. I think I mentioned once already that we planted over 100 bean starts, well, that wasn’t the ½ of it. That wasn’t even ½ of the beans we ended up planting. We have planted on a plot of land that is about 2 acres and the actual planting of it took only about 5 hours. How? We invested in an Earthway Seeder (if you have anything bigger than a 20x20 foot plot it will pay for itself in no time at the price of $85-90) so we could easily plant seeds perfectly spaced. It doesn’t do a perfectly straight line, that is dependent on the “driver.” There are about 25 rows in our garden and we’ve planted everything from beans and peas to corn, bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, melons, squash zucchini and even jalapeños. We plan on canning A LOT this summer and giving much away to family as Christmas gifts (oops, Mommy, please don’t read that ;) We also plan to offer it for sale at the Forest Grove Farmer’s Market. Hopefully my little herb garden by my kitchen will also grow so we can be really set this winter. Well, I set out to brag about this awesome seeder not so much the garden. Hope those of you who are local will get a chance to try our grubs later in the year. Enjoy the pictures of our little fledgling starts.

My next blog about the garden will be about my adventure with setting out irrigation for the garden. It is a very drippy story.

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