Monday, February 28, 2011

The Hennys and the Pennys

So My Little Sister’s Farm does something a bit different than most farms. Well, we do a lot of things different but one thing we do is raise chicks starting in the winter. We started our Barred Plymouth Rocks and Ameraucana chicks in December. December 1st 100 little ladies were hatched and delivered to us by a local company called OR Peeps. I love chicks! We don’t usually buy chicks, but we had so many older hens, we needed an infusion of new blood. They are now over 3 months old. They are sassy girls too, well 2 are boys but they have quite the 'tude too.

I’m not one for naming individual birds as many hens of the same breed will look like one another their entire lives. But I feel chickens should have a name. After all, they are much smarter than dogs and cats, though don’t hold grudges like my cat tends to. We named all of the turkeys “Frank” last year and that worked well. I decided the Barred Rocks would be called Henrietta and the Ameraucanas would be called Penelope. Yup, we went with Henny and Penny. I guess naming them makes two things we do a little differently. And just in case you’re left wondering, the turkeys will again be named Frank, but the broilers…we’ll have to get to know them first.

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