Sunday, November 28, 2010

So much to be thankful for!!!

As 2010 slowly slips into the position of "last year" I want to take a moment to thank all of our farm's "followers", "fans" and customers. I feel so blessed to be raising our animals every day. Here is a top 10 list for what I am thankful for in 2010.

10. - a great website for getting advice and support. I also find many chicken craft enthusiasts to talk to. Who thought there was more than 1 chicken craft enthusiast out there.

9. Pumpkin pie - for as much as I love this pie I don't make it but once or twice a year. ***Note to self - 2011 NY resolution - make more pumpkin pie!***

8. Turkeys - I can't believe how many people I met because I raised their Thanksgiving / Holiday turkey. This is just the beginning of our turkey adventures. Plus the animals themselves are smart and funny to be around. They make me smile on my worst days.

7. Fabric/Craft stores - to feed my chicken craft enthusiasm.

6. Oregon Peeps hatchery in Estacada, Oregon. A small farmer in his own right, Pete is doing a great job of supplying mine and many other small local farms with high quality chicks and poults at reasonable prices.

5.Chickens - well of course they are in the top 5! I love me some chickens :)

4. My 3 amazing pets - Pip, a 5 year old mastiff, adopted from Mastiff Rescue Oregon, she was a rescue from a neglectful situation but you'd never know to look at her now; Baby Girl, now 1 year old, mini doxie that was also rescued from neglect; and Marechal Foch, our cat that is so fat from never being neglected by us that leads you to believe she doesn't need your love until you touch her, then she's a motorboat. (You can find Pip and Baby Girl on Facebook too)

3. My country - regardless of our personal political views, we're all allowed to express them (in non-violent ways of course). I appreciate that I live in a country that wakes up everyday and says, "I can be better!"

2.Family and friends - this has been a stressful year for so many people in my life. I am grateful for their health and hope that 2011 brings more and better opportunities to all.

1. God for making #2-9 of this list and for sharing the world and Her grace with me.

May you have much to be thankful for this holiday season.

Thank you for your continued support!

God Bless,

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